The ARESTIN Rx Access Portal

The ARESTIN Rx Access Portal allows you to submit your prescriptions online and conveniently track the status of all of your submitted prescriptions online,* by phone, or by fax.

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Watch this video for a quick tour of the ARESTIN Rx Access Portal.

ARESTIN Rx Access Portal tips

Here are some important things to know about working with the ARESTIN Rx Access Portal. You can also download a Portal Tips Guide to learn simple navigation tools.

Tip #1

Turn off pop-up blockers to allow prescriptions to be printed

To print a prescription submission you must turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker. After clicking the “Submit and Print” button, the prescription will automatically be sent to the ARESTIN Rx Access Coordinator for processing. A paper copy can only be printed if the pop-up blocker is turned off.

Tip #2

Refresh the page for “real-time” status

Click the “Refresh” circular arrow button in the top right corner of the tracker window every time you check the status of a prescription. Refreshing the prescription tracker will help determine if an online prescription submission was successfully entered into the system and ensure that you are seeing the most up-to-date information.

Tip #3

Sign all prescriptions to enable tracking

Prescriptions submitted by both express and standard service, as well as online,* will be visible in the tracker. To complete the submission, please provide the doctor’s final signature on the prescription form and fax it back to the ARESTIN Rx Access Coordinator. A benefit summary will be sent to you via fax within 24 hours of a complete submission.

If coverage is denied

Similar to dental benefits, ARESTIN coverage is determined by a patient's plan. Don't be discouraged by occasional denials; every patient carries different coverage so it pays to be persistent. Evaluate your approval rate after the submission of at least 10 prescriptions to establish a baseline.

Contact the ARESTIN Rx Access Service Center at 1-855-684-7481 if you have any questions.

*Login required. Visit to create an account for the ARESTIN Rx Access Online Portal.

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