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Comprehensive Leave Behind
See how adding ARESTIN to scaling and root planing (SRP) play a role in the management of periodontal disease.

Tips for Use
This guide illustrates how to administer ARESTIN with step by step visuals.

Limitations of SRP Leave Behind
See how ARESTIN targets bacteria where instruments can’t reach.

2017 AAP Staging & Grading
Use the 2017 AAP Staging and Grading guidelines to help understand and communicate the severity, extent, and the anticipated progression of the patient's periodontal disease.

2014 White Paper
Better understand the impact that coordinated in-office communications can have on patients’ understanding and acceptance of treatment recommendations.

The Role of ARESTIN in Periodontal Treatment
Animated video shows how ARESTIN can help reduce pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis.

Limitations of SRP
Watch this video to learn about some of the limitations of SRP.
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Prescribing Information (Spanish)

How to Administer ARESTIN
Watch this animated video to see how to administer ARESTIN in 3 easy steps.

Patient education materials

Patient Brochure
This tool helps explain gum disease and your recommended treatment plan.

Education Card
Use this education card to help your patients better understand periodontal disease.

Professional education

When to Pull the Trigger: A Risky Behavior
Katrina Sanders, RDH, delivers an informative presentation on the role that risk assessment plays in implementing active periodontal therapy.


ARESTIN Prescription Form
Sign and fax this completed form to 1-855-630-9783 to submit a prescription.

Prescribing Information (Spanish)

ARESTIN Sample Prescription Form
Refer to this template for guidance when completing the ARESTIN  Prescription Form. 

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