Welcome to the ARESTIN®  Student Access Program

ARESTIN® Student Access is a program sponsored by OraPharma, Inc., the makers of ARESTIN®, and designed with the help of dental educators, to provide dental and dental hygiene students with clinical information and hands-on training in periodontal treatment including ARESTIN® + scaling and root planing (SRP).


Introduce students to patient selection and periodontal disease treatment that includes ARESTIN® + SRP when indicated.

Program materials for instructors include PowerPoint® lectures, classwork, laboratory sessions, clinical exercises, and evaluations.


Learn about periodontal disease, patient selection, and treatment of periodontal disease that includes ARESTIN® + SRP when indicated.

Program includes classroom lectures, lab work, and clinical experience. Program materials for students include an ARESTIN® Student Trial Kit and reading materials.

The ARESTIN® Student Access Program is sponsored by OraPharma, Inc.