ARESTIN® Delivers Therapeutic Levels of Antibiotic With a Microsphere Delivery System1

ARESTIN® Contains Minocycline, a Proven, Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic1

arestin perio scaling root planing handle microspheres

ARESTIN® has a unique delivery system where minocycline microspheres are administered as a powder to allow for easy placement at the base of the pocket.1

Once inserted in the pocket, contact with gingival crevicular fluid hydrolyzes the bioadhesive microspheres, allowing them to immediately adhere to the surrounding surfaces. This also causes water-filled channels to form inside the microspheres, providing for a sustained release of minocycline over time.1

ARESTIN® can remain active in the pocket for an extended period of time and does not require removal because it is bioresorbable.1

ARESTIN® in Action

Watch this animated video to understand how the unique microsphere technology of ARESTIN® helps fight periodontal disease.

The Active Ingredient in ARESTIN®, Minocycline, Is a Trusted Antimicrobial1

Minocycline achieves inhibitory concentration levels well above those required for common periodontal pathogens and effectively treats the harmful bacteria that cause periodontitis.1 


REFERENCE: 1. ARESTIN® (minocycline hydrochloride) Microspheres, 1 mg. Prescribing Information. OraPharma, Inc.; 2013.

How to Administer ARESTIN® 

See how to administer ARESTIN® in three simple steps.